Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Please Avoid Small Planes

Holy moly!!

Risen's source at the NSA has outed himself and is prepared to tell all to congress.

NSA Whistleblower Alleges Illegal Spying

Jan 10, 2006 — Russell Tice, a longtime insider at the National Security Agency, is now a whistleblower the agency would like to keep quiet.

For 20 years, Tice worked in the shadows as he helped the United States spy on other people's conversations around the world.


President Bush has admitted that he gave orders that allowed the NSA to eavesdrop on a small number of Americans without the usual requisite warrants.

But Tice disagrees. He says the number of Americans subject to eavesdropping by the NSA could be in the millions if the full range of secret NSA programs is used.

Millions. They might have spied on millions. Good grief. ( tip from shycat)


Eli said...

He's a completely unreliable, uncredible, anti-American nutcase, you know.

I know, because the Republicans will be telling me so very soon.

four legs good said...

He's gay too!!

(soon to be added to the talking points)

Vicki said...

I'm loving your blog!

I saw this guy on Olbermann tonight (I think it was Keith... brain damage, and all of that).

Tice is the bulldozer that will bring down this house of straw.