Monday, May 29, 2006

We own it

AP/Khalid Mohammed

Kevin Drum weighs in on the Haditha massacre.
What an appalling and tragic story. It is, I suppose, only a tiny blot compared to the carnage that Iraqi militants inflict on each other every single day in this endless and brutal war, but this one is our blot.

Dear Kevin, it's nice that you recognize that Haditha is a terrible thing, but it would be nice if you could remember that none of the carnage would be happening if we hadn't embarked on our ill-advised war. We broke the country, and we're responsible for everything that has happened since.

A "tiny blot" you suppose? Don't be such a wanker. The whole endless, bloody mess is our blot.


Eli said...

The whole endless, bloody mess is our blot.

We should get out, out of this damned blot.

four legs good said...

Maxx agrees.

flory said...

I hope you left the same comment over at his place.

Anonymous said...

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