Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring in Austin

Ah, yes, the view of the pool at our gym this evening around 7:00 pm. Sadly, no clouds so no pretty sunset.

And yes, this is on the UT campus- the pool was paid for with student fees (that they voted for).


Anonymous said...

BTW, have you seen the LOLcats today? "Happiness is..."
Yup, that is all too true! :) The look on that behbeh kiddenz face...! :)
ICE CREAM, we're gonna get ICE CREAM!

Anonymous said...

I iz NOT happy that the proprietor of this establishment chose to ignore the long established tradition of Caturday.



Culture of Tr√úth said...

Friday was the first warm day since last summer. Spring iz heer!

Polly said...

What Flory said.

Iz the Centaur out there lolling around the swimming pool with the lotus eating Texans?

Hmmph indeed!