Saturday, April 26, 2008

Woo Hoooooo!!

Since I'm about to give up on politics, I think THiS is excellent news!! T. Rex Protein "Confirms" Bird-Dinosaur Link
A new study of ancient proteins retrieved from a Tyranosaurus rex fossil confirms the long-hypothesized evolutionary connection between dinosaurs and modern birds, experts say.

The finding is the first molecular evidence that birds, not lizards or other reptiles, are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs, the researchers note.
I'm going to have plenty of time to complete my screenplay!

And just think of all the money I won't be contributing to presidential campaigns. I guess every scorched earth campaign has a silver lining. Or something.

Oh, never mind. Read the article, the science is fascinating. And next time you eat fried chicken, think of poor old T-Rex.


Bunter said...

Anecdotal evidence: When I got the Jurassic Park dvd, I had cockatoos and if I watched it, they got very interested in the movie and honest to dog, would start screeching and calling to the screen at carnivorous dino appearances. It was actually a little creepy.

Polly said...

Bunter, that's an interesting story.
Did those screeches sound like "granpa, granma?"

four legs good said...

bunter, that's fascinating.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Yes, yes, Four Legs Good! Forget the politics, devote ur time to brushing and combing the Plushy Gurlz.

Ur $ can go to feather monsters and fresh mousies. Pet stores have marvelous mousies that are self-activated! They run over the floor without a wind up key, and they make nice snacks when one is tired of playing.

Silkey and Silver, thoughtful fans

Anonymous said...

The polRtix haz gonz too long.
Tym fur playz.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Why are you giving up on politics, 4LG? Not that you shouldn't finish the screenplay ...