Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More Obama

Doug Mills/NYTimes

Indulge me a little on this happy day when all things seem possible.

I love this photo of Obama with his daughters Sasha and Malia.


Plum Pudding said...

it's going to be great to have kids in the White House. And Michelle...what a babe.

four legs good said...

Yes it will.

zoe said...

Yup, adorable adorable children. And yes, Michelle sure is a babe.Finally, some real class in the White House.

grandefille said...

I look forward to the occasional photo opp in the Rose Garden when the girls are practicing softball or gymnastics or track or just tackling Daddy for a paternal (affectionate) beatdown, complete with scuffling and tickling and having to have it broken up by Mama before the Secret Service gets antsy. HA!

We were giggling last night, during Brian Williams' chat with Obama about the flight to St. Paul and the "fist-bump heard round the world," that we'd have given money to see those two swanning around the private quarters on the plane, tangoing across the cabin and saying "Hellooo, Mister President" and "Helloooo, Madame First Lady" to each other and cracking up. Because you KNOW they did. You KNOW it.

Thanks for showing us the beautiful photo. (As a lifelong Daddy's Girl, those always kill me. You can imagine my love for the one of Caroline in her crib giving the stink-eye to JFK.)

Phila said...

Hi 4Legs,

I haz picture 4 u.

Iz of giant monster catz from Japan.

Silver and Silkey Ross said...

Maddie and Rpley, Beautiful Ones …

Ur Centaur seems to have left U alone for a long time. Can we drop in thru the wormhole to keep U adorable Gurlz company? U know how entertaining we can be … please, please!

Our human is off visiting her sister, and we are so lonely! Have pity on us poor kitteh fellas.

Silver and Silkey, lonesome lovers