Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Our hero, with Lloyd Doggett and Pelosi (D-china). That's Gina Cooper with her back to the camera. The lighting was terrible.

Won't anyone ever think of the photographers?

On the rope line, after the talk. I actually was one of the first people to shake his hand - they came off the stage and walked right up to me where I was lurking with mah camera.

Al Gore is very tall. And funny in person. I don't know where the video is (probably on Huffpost or the orange satan) but it's worth watching. Kind of Al Gore "unleashed." He certainly didn't mince words.


Oh Susannah said...

Betcha Gore never met a centaur before!

I see Bill O'Riley compared the Netrootians to Klan members and Nazis. Why doesn't somebody get a blue plastic doggie bag and clean that POS off the airwaves???

Polly said...

That's more like it. Xcelent pix.

Only improvement would be to have Ripley sitting on Gore's shoulder.

Ramona Quimby said...

We luvs us some Goracle. With kittehs.

four legs good said...

Gore rocked.

Anonymous said...

I iz very, very jealous. I wanted to go!!

Stoopit surgery.


Oh Susannah said...

Add to list of Things I Never Thought I'd See:

Somebody sayin "Gore ROCKED!"

Anonymous said...

He was so obviously happy it made me smile.


racymind said...

And let it be known that I was the first to touch the hand that touched Al Gore.

Barry from Alaska said...

I'm just silly I guess, but the first thing that entered my tiny neural thingy was, "How many plastic chicken dinners has that man had to eat in his lifetime? Way too many."

Jealous I guess, cause my pics of Howard Dean didn't turn out nearly as well.

zoe said...

the hand that touched al gore, now gives the girlies scritches. lucky girls.