Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random kittehs to thrill U

...while I am stuck in HTML hell. Software companies who doan design 4 Mac are stoooopid.


Polly said...

Random? Random kittehs?
These do look like those fuffy ruffed, plushy-butt glamor gurlz we see here often.

Did these two beauties just happen to walk by your camera?

four legs good said...

No, random in the sense that I just flipped through the photo album and pulled out some shots at random.

Ramona Quimby said...

I keep thinking I won't see new kittehs for a while--then, surprise!

Gorgeous floofy half-pipin' fizziks-playin' karut-killin'
upside-down and sleeeepy kittehs!

Caminante said...

"Software companies who doan design 4 Mac are stoooopid." Damn tootin'.

Hey, Maddie, if uz sits in the middle of the parctickle axceralur, how doez it work?

Anonymous said...

Oh hai!
This iz linyer ekcelratr...iz for fizziks.
When u sit in it? U can tear hole in space time continuum.

Then Riplee iz upside down!!

Iz fun.....


overheard by auntie flory

zoe said...

Tushy in particle accelerator. Teh funny.

BlakNo1 said...

Mah Dudley haz one of those acceleratorz too! Fun!

sekmet said...

I noticed that Maddie is sitting in the middle of partricle acclerator. Is the rocket nearly ready?

four legs good said...


(makes sad face)