Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Kittehs Attack

I SO haz to get me a video camera.

hat tip: Brooklyn Girl


War On War Off said...

"It was like that before I got here."

Plum Pudding said...

"I SO haz to get me a video camera."

that is SUCH a good idea! To have a video of the girls faces when the nasty vacuum is on...priceless.


And it would be nice to hear them purr as well.

SIlkey and Silver Ross said...

It's the Calico gene that makes that kitteh so curious and smart.

We know cause our Mom and little sister were calicos. Mom was the smartest lady kitteh evah, and she taught us a lot!

Silver and Silkey, dedicated fans

Oh Susannah said...

Can we sic that calico on McCane & Pain????

Or as The Big P said herself today, Pain & McCane?

(If I were Ol' Johnny Boy, I sure as hell wouldn't go hunting with her! She might get Cheney-itis.)

grandefille said...

HAH! Kitteh is all WTFOMGBBQ!?!?11 and the sound FX are hilarious.

We also vote for the Maddie and Ripley Show, coming to a YouTube near you. Put up a PayPal button, 4lg, and you can have pay per view and the girls can earn their kibble!

Yeah, we know, they earn it by being funny and gorgeous and simply being wonderful companions every day. But still ...

~ standup kitteh hugs from grandefille and HarryCat ~