Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Blue Indiana

Hey, a centaur can dream, right?

This was the turn-out at today's rally as the city of Indianapolis turned out to send Obama off to Hawaii. Know hope.


zoe said...

Saw it, and was brought to tears. My African Grey now says, whenever Keith or Rachel are on TeeVee


She kinda sounds like the Will I. Am video.

Good girl.

Anonymous said...

And some numbnuts today was yammering on about how McStain was drawing "thousands" to his rallies, unlike Obama.

Erm...yeah. But I don't think you should be so happy about it.


four legs good said...

Zoe, awesome.

U needs to send me a pic of your birdie.

zoe said...

Im gonna have her on Youtube sayin' O-Bam-A

Just have to get a friend to edit the video and change it to JPEG or such