Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Only 6 days left

We bear teh wait cuz we haz kittehs to halp us.


Concerned Friend said...

From an Atrios thread … hoping to reach GWPDA here.

Isn't it PRETTY????
GWPDA yclept Damaged Historian | 10.29.08 - 5:17 pm |

GWPDA, Ma'am
If U buy that very pretty silver Saturn, will Arthur be allowed to borrow it?
Concerned Friend | 10.29.08 - 5:34 pm | #

Plum Pudding said...

I love extreme close-ups!

Silkey Ross said...

Close to close-ups of
extremely Plushy amplitude.
Heavenly pix!

Silkey, licensed poet

War On War Off said...

This morning when Maxxine demanded we go outside for a moment before I had to leave for werk, I looked up and saw a falling star. We both wished for a landslide!

four legs good said...

actually, if you click on the photos, you'll get the full version.

I not noes what's up with blogger lately. Used to size the photos just fine

Polly said...

The photo size is just fine. It looks like you're being artistic, concentrating on various plushy kitteh parts.
The bottom pic could be captioned "Tummy Love."


Caminante said...

C'mon kittehs!!! Get those people out there who are believing the McPalin LIES to wake up.

Dorothy Lohmann said...

Gorgeous fluffy kittehs for Obama! Can't wait til Tuesday!

TheOtherWA said...

Thank FSM for kittehs with plushy tummies!

Bones said...

Sigh...your girls are so very pretty!

zoe said...

It looks like the gurlz are much more relaxed than the folks in my house. Obviously, they have not been watching race-baiting Sarah on the teevee. Shield the darlins, please.