Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not in my future

Somehow, I just don't see Maddie and Ripley (Ripley especially) taking up this activity.

Vaccoooom, DOAN WANT!!


Silkey Ross said...

Ripley Darling, I'll bet U an ME could corner that box and get it open.
Then we could play with the rats inside. Maybe let them out one at a time, for a good Chase, Pounce and Rend session!

I hear the Roomba makers tried to power it with mice (so much tastier), but rats were needed for their strength.

Just imagine, a whole box of rats for Christmas! Wow!

Silkey, happy fan

War On War Off said...

Aw, a tuxedo kitty riding in style!

Anonymous said...


That's all.

/Arthur J. GWPDA

Anonymous said...

That was my thought when I first saw this.
I iz never known of any kitteh -- or doggie -- that could stand the sound of a vacuum cleaner.


Silkey and Silver Ross said...

••••••••••••Iz Caturday!••••••••••••

Mlle Madeleine and Ms. Ripley Sweetfoots

May we formally invite you to a special Caturday Thanksgiving Service?

After the regular rituals of Praise to Ceiling Cat, we will have a joint Turkey Hunt! Two baby turks for each participant, free-range and fast running!

Our Communion with Sancified 'Nip will take place after the hunt.After for obvious reasons.

RSVP via the KittehNet. A direct line wormhole will be arranged from ur home to the service for ur comfort.

Silver and Silkey, eager to see U

Culture of Tr√úth said...


Tiger fled the room when I played the video!

Big scardy cat.

Polly said...

If it's Caturday, where are our special pix of the plushy gurlz?

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are, FLG!


Anonymous said...

I am starting to believe there are no moar plushy kittehs in mah future neither.


Anonymous said...

My friend in Calgary has a Cockatoo named Mango.

HE rides the Roomba.

Terry C

Silkey Ross said...

Oh Ripley, Sweet Ripley, where art thou Ripley?

We've been abandoned by our perfidious human, so I'm studying poetry! Has ur Centaur abandoned U, too? In which case Silver an ME are available to keep U company. Just send us the word and we'll be there.

I am writing U a haiku! It's hard, but Japanese cats do it all the time. So I can too.

Silkey, kitteh poet