Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Ripley

Why, you ask, are there no pictures of Maddie? why because everytime I pointed the camera at her she jumped down and ran off to chase a spot of light on the carpet that was reflecting off the camera. BAD MADDIE!!

Photos of Ripley are high resolution (click on them) and yes, I know the first one is a little out of focus - she wasn't being particularly helpful either. I gave up after 5 frames.

Happy Holidays!!


Bones said...

It's hard to sit still, what with the excitement of Santy Claws's imminent arrival and all...

Oh Susannah said...

Merry Catmas Maddie, Ripley & Four Legs Good!

Thanks for all the Plushy joy you've given us this year! Hope Santy Claws brings you lots of goodies!

Oh Susannah, Ollie & Simon

PS. Happy Holidays to Silkey, Silver and everyone else here too!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas (Solstice) and a Plushy New Year!

-mnkid, happy pagan

Silkey Ross said...

Merry Christmas to my fuzzy Ripley Sweetfoots, and Mlle. Madeleine and their faithful Centaur.

Silver sends his deepest Love to ur household. All regards to Ollie, Simon and their kittenslave, and all the other Plushy lovers here.

Gotta run, Sweetfoots, the human is shutting down my computer and abandoning us!

Silkey, Christmas Kitteh

zoe said...

Sending mucho love to the Centaur
and her magical kittehs. Ripley, Maddie, we hope your fondest dreams come true. Stay warm, and don't drink too much egg nog.

racymind said...

Season's Greetings to you and the Plush crew.

It was wonderful to meet you this year!

Anonymous said...

here's to the lovelies:

Maxx, whose photos I have indulged myself in many times this week; Maddie; Ripley, Silver and Silkey and others --

Merry Christmas to all -- The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

Merry Katmas to all in teh 4lg house...
And a Happy Katnip too.

Auntie flory.

Anonymous said...

ripley was always the cute little kitten in my eyes, but tonight she looks like a stunningly beautiful,
full grown cat. wow. they grow up so fast. sniff.
happy new year, 4lgs, to you and your


War On War Off said...

Hope everyone had a lovely Caternalia!