Monday, January 12, 2009

Iz Monday

And we iz sTiL outrageously cute. Kai, thx, bai


Polly said...

Majestic is the word for that pic of Maddie.

Regal dignity, even

Anonymous said...



zoe said...

I think I just went to plush heaven! Those pics are the best!

Silkey Ross said...

sTiL outrageously cute! STILL!

Sweetheart, U are always and forever the acme of cuteness, the apex, the pinnacle, the zenith of cuteness in Plushy Gurlz!

Silkey, adoring fan

(Hat tip to Frank & Ernest.)

Oh Susannah said...

Must be Monday--Maddie didn't curl her whiskers today! No Snidley-Whiplashiness at all. Still cute though!

sekmet said...

The top photo looks like a still from a modern-day noir film. The Mysterious Miss Cat.