Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oh my! parrot loves his kitteh

I do believe that parrot is scritching that kitteh.

hat tip Phila.


Silkey Ross said...

The Force of Teh Kitteh is strong in this one.
The kitteh, that is, not the parrot.

Silver Ross said...

Yes, this iz how we Felines will complete our Revolution!

The power of even a young kitteh to inspire scritching and ear nibbling from another species is admirable. This Power is spreading thruout our domain of kittenslaves and the KittehNet.

Today, parrots. Tomorrow, All Humans and Centaurs!

Silver, ring leader

Bones said...

Wow. I love how cautious/reserved the cat is. I'm guessing kitteh knows all about that cockatoo beak from experience.

virgotex said...