Monday, March 23, 2009

Belated caturday

Ripley is not very happy these days.

For some reason she has taken an intense disliking to the television set - in fact she's become terrified of it. I hope it's a passing phase. (and yes, it's the same flat screen that's been here for six months)

Yes, I know this picture is sideways - I suck!!

Maddie continues to be adorable no matter what is going on around her.


last week got kind of crazy.


Anonymous said...


Lovely plushy ladies, at last!

4lg, did Ripley get a shock or exposed to a loud noise via the teevee?

...The Other Sarahh

zoe said...

Poor Ripley - she must have seen Michelle Bachman on the teevee. Maybe the National Geographic channel from now on? They are beeyyuteeful girlie girls, yessiree.

War On War Off said...

tee vee iz teh scary!

sekmet said...

I had a cat that became terrified of the tv if it was on while another one would touch the screen with her nose if she heard a cat on tv meowing. Maybe you should get one of those 'amuse the kitty' videos of birds and mousies.

four legs good said...

I don't know what her problem is - it's like she just now noticed it and thinks it's scary. No matter what is on.

We didn't see it happen so we're not sure what the problem is.

Silkey Ross said...

Whot? Whot happened with U and the TV, Darling Gurl?

Come visit us, tell me all about this fear afflicting my dear Sweetfoots. I will lick ur delicats ears til U purr in relaxation.

[Unless ur running a scam on ur Centaur. Getting extra attention by being *scared.* Come over anyway, I'll still lick ur ears anytime U want.]

Silkey, brave fan

Caminante said...

Poor kitteh. Can the partickle axcelerator distract her some from the evil teevee? Did she hear the Mooselini from Alaska?

four legs good said...

caminante - I don't know what scared her - she doesn't even want to come into the living room if the tv is on.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a high frequency sound emanating from it that hurts her tufted ears?


WarOnWarOff said...

-mnkid, yeah perhaps it's that new digital system emitting some sort of weird high frequency sound. I'm gonna Google around and see if anything comes up.

WarOnWarOff said...

Wiki says the new digital signals are mostly broadcast in UHF (Ultra High Frequency), and since cats are more sensitive to ultra high sounds than we are, perhaps that's what's upsetting Ripley? Hmmmm...

Polly said...

It's the Mooselini from Alaska, I'll betcha.

Ripley must have heard that Sarah shoots small furry critters from airplanes. Could such a wicked human shoot thru ur TV? That's what's bothering the little Plushy Gurl.

Caminante said...

You all ... you are kitteh lovers. You'll understand.

My father's 19 year-old cat, Pixel, died suddenly today. You can read about her and see her picture on my blog (below the article about our dimwit governor).

I am so, so sad, weeping tears for our feisty Pixel. Maxx, have you found her? She's a lovely orange girrrl with a long tail and attitude.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Caminante!
I grieve with thee.
May Pixel find the comet ride entrancing.
--the Other Sarah

WarOnWarOff said...

Sorry to here about Pixel...hugs, Caminante.

Silver and Silkey Ross said...

We are sorry for ur Dad's loss of Pixel, and you too. 19 years is an impressive longevity for one of us furry guys, ur Dad must have been a skillful kittehslave.

We heard that Maxx is building more napping chambers inside his comet, saving the surface for outdoor play like tree climbing, varmint chasing and flower sniffing/eating.

Silver and Silkey, respectful kittehs

four legs good said...

Oh, we grieve for Pixel too!

I'm sure Maxx has been by to get him already and take him to the stars.

Caminante said...

Thanks one and all. I am going down to my parents tomorrow to do kitty bereavement. They washed all her towels, put them away as well as all her dishes. It's heartbreaking.

I brought Pixel home when she was eight weeks old; I first saw her when she was three weeks old. I could pill her, clip her claws, wash her chin (she had bad acne two years ago) and do all manner of thing and get away with it in ways neither my father or mother could. Pixel was a wonderfully feisty orange girl and had no problem in making her wishes known.

My father was beyond a kitty slave to Pixel; he was infatuated with her, hence the grief (except we CT Yankees don't show it). My mother is busy assembling photos of her (of which there are hundreds).

So I am going to buy some sort of shrub they can plant where Pixel would nap outdoors.

I am sure Maxx has found her.