Thursday, March 12, 2009

Iz almost CATURDAY

enjoy while I lay on teh floor and wait 4 mah haidache to goez away.


Plum Pudding said...

Has Maddie lost weight :-)

TheOtherWA said...

Iz sorry UR haid hurtz. That sucks.
Hope U feel bedder soon.

four legs good said...

Maddie lost weight?

fat chance.

she's bigger than ever.

zoe said...

Girlie girls! Plz help your Centaur ! She needs you!

four legs good said...

Maddie "halped" by continually walking on me last night.


Oh Susannah said...

Sad news~

Simon Henry LeBlonde, ardent admirer of the Plushy Grrrlz, crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday morning.

He sends his love to Maddie and Ripley and hopes the Ross boys will be kind to his younger brother, Ollie, and teach him all about worm holes.

With a broken heart from his mom

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Oh Susannah
We are sorry that Simon Henry has passed. Our Human says Simon iz with Ceiling Cat, where he'll wait for U to catch up with his advanced spiritual plane.

Now Simon will get to meet our hero, Maxx. And maybe get to ride Maxx's comet!

Tell Ollie that we'll call him on the KittehNet when he's lonesome.

Silkey and Silver

Polly said...

Susannah, I'm sorry for your loss of Simon. He surely had a grand life with you and Ollie, making him a lucky fellow.
Giving Ollie lots of extra pets will make you both feel better, I hope.


Plum Pudding said...

it's getting too busy on Maxx' Comet, sniff. I'm sure the kittehs are very happy on the comet, but WE all miss them so down here. Sniff.

four legs good said...

Oh Susannah - I am so very sorry - will U send me a picture so I can memorial blog him?