Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday KITTEHS!!!!

Ceiling cAt!! oh hai!!

Oh I LURVES to do fizziks.

Mysterious cat is... MYSTERIOUS

Wut U mean "teabagging?"

We R getting ready to fight in the LOL Army of DOOM to take BACK NOM!! (as always, click on the photos for full view)



Plum Pudding said...

Easter Kittehs!

that pink nose is eatable!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, as always.

"Ceiling cAt!! oh hai!!"



Silkey Ross said...

Ripley Sweetfoots, the "teabagging" thing is another example of weird human behavior.

Not our humans, just republicans. They get together to compete on Cluelessness. The winners get TV appearances.

We LiberalCats have another definition of teabagging. Pop thru the wormhole tomorrow, when ur Centaur isn't looking. I'll tell U all about LiberalCat teabagging.

Come anytime, Darling Gurl. Our Human will be out chasing white rabbits.

Silkey, Easter kitteh

sekmet said...

How did she manage to get that shadow to cross her face like a hat veil? Cool!

snuffella said...

doan go talking about teabagging around the gurlz. cover their ears!