Wednesday, May 06, 2009

new kittehs

Shhhh... we iz sneaksing ups on da birdies.

Might huntress!!

also mighty huntress!! "birdie!! I wants to NOM U!!"


Silkey Ross said...

Yes, yes! Dearest Sweetfoots!!

Noming da birdies is life's second greatest pleasure. That birdie U and Madddie were sneaking up on looks like a pigeon - very good noming there. And big enough for both of U.

(Life's greatest pleasue, of course, is playing with You!)

Silkey, been waiting 4 U

Plum Pudding said...

the girls are just bird watchers! They would never eat the sweet birdies!

War On War Off said...

It's most likely a white-winged dove Silkey. Still, highly nom-able!

Anonymous said...

Its either a white-winged or a mourning dove. Hard to tell from that angle. Do the girls chatter at such a sight?

Backyard Astronomer

four legs good said...

They do chatter - and yes, it's some sort of dove, probably a mourning dove.

We get pidgeons as well. Maddie charges the window and they scatter. Keeps them all busy. KITTY TV!!

Anonymous said...

I love how Maddie's whiskers go "schwing" towards the birdies.