Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Iz too hot here....

who turned on the heater? DOAN WANT!!! kaithxbai


Plum Pudding said...


shed some fur to make a coat for the Centaur for next winter

four legs good said...


Ripley has been shedding like the Bissell cat.

Silkey Ross said...

There is a Bissel CAT?

Our human has gotten a strange new toy labeled Bissel Pet Hair Eraser. It's quieter than the old cat-eating vacuum, but it's a Bad machine.

This Bissel has been sucking up our shed hair from the very depths of the carpet, where Silver and ME had been secreting the lovely hair for use in emergencies. Like if we got bald in our old age, and needed knitted fur coats.

Worse yet, the human was inspired to get down and vacuum under her bed, all the way under. She found my stash of old smelly socks that I was using for a pillow … and she took them away!

It's a cruel world when a kitteh fella can't protect his stash.

So there is a CAT associated with this bad Bissel Treasure thief?


Anonymous said...

Warm or no, they are SO lovely. Thank you for the nice start to my day....


WarOnWarOff said...

Iz WAY too hot too early! Keep cool, kittehs.

Caminante said...

Too hot in Vermont, too. No want this inferno. We are flat cats. And our hoomin isn't happy either.

Oh Susannah said...

Bunny bottles can help prevent cat wilt in the heat...

Fill 2 liter soda bottles not more than 2/3 full of water and freeze. Put the frozen bottle down on floor (protect from condensation) and let kitty lie nearby to cool off. Make several bottles and rotate use.

Happy Caturday Plushy Girls!
From Harley The Plush Guy and Ollie The Sweet One

Anonymous said...

bunny bottles? what a lovely idea -- but I do confess, my first thought was of those water-bottles wired to pet-store cages, where the bunnies, gerbils, etc. lick the ball-bearing to get a drink.

--The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

peepee and mr whipples say, rent 'cats, the movie'.

that is all.


WarOnWarOff said...

That's a great idea, Oh Susannah. Lately Maxxine just loves being on the balcony...even when it's 102 in the shade. She'll sit there and pant like a dog and I'll say,
"Let's go inside now, it's too hot," and try to pick her up, but then she leans on her back and puts up her claws as if to say, "At your peril." I'll freeze a bottle for her.

grandefille said...

Oh, beautiful gurlz. We understand. It's awful here in Tennessee, too.

Can you get in the tub during the day? HarryCat sometimes sneaks in there and rests in the cool. Also a good place to bat toys around, he says. (We just have to remember to check for them before turning on the water!) Maybe your centaur can stretch out in there with you! Wheee!

We'll suggest the bunny bottles for HarryCat's pet puppy, Rosie. (Thanks, Oh Susannah!) She has a cool garage to go into at her house, and lots of water, as well as her summer haircut (go-go boots and a bikini, it looks like), but she still gets overheated here in the bellybutton of the South.

We send you love. And cool breezes to ruffle your beautiful fur and whiskers.

Love from
grandefille and HarryCat xoxo

Oh Susannah said...

Hey Plushy Gurlz,

Got your soundproof bunker ready for the 4th??? I swear Ollie is gonna burrow right through the back of the closet--he HATES scary noises!

Harley, the new plushy boy, is living up to his name as a hellraiser--he has dragged and beaten and ripped apart my beach flip flops! He's damn lucky he's so cute...

Hope your centaur will be sharing holiday cheezburgers with you!

Oh Susannah
Who is
Oh so happy
To be at the beach!

PS. Ping pong balls make really nifty soccer balls for playing in the bath tub--they really zoom when smacked with tufted MC toesies! Best part is laying on the cool tub when you are done playing.