Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh dos plushy gurlz!

Wut? why U looking at mah tummee?


I haz a mousie.

When U comes home? why U still at werk? U comes home nao. kai thx bai.


Anonymous said...

so gooood to have regular plush!


sidhra said...

nice kittehs

Oh Susannah! said...

Yay!! It's Caturday!

Maddie speaks French? Not only the best "Wot??" face ever, she's multi-lingual? It boggles the admirer's mind!

Gummo said...

Let me say this in the most tuff, manly way I know how:

Eeps! Plushy goodness!!


I never said that and I'll deny it if you say I did.

Sarah said...

plushy goodness.

wendl26 said...

ZOMG! (I don't know why I fell outta the plushy bus - but I feel dreadful about it) The gurls, er, 'ladeez' are GORGEOUS! OMG, they are so growed up! Many noms and skritches to them.