Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Elsie

Oh hai! I'm on UR window sill, eating some noms.

I can haz noms pleaze?

Elsie is a friendly little stray kitteh who visits my deck - I feed her, but the plushy girls aren't very friendly - I don't think they want her to live here.


Poopyman said...

Uh oh! Centaur is at 2 and a half kitties, and holding! (For now.)

four legs good said...

She's adorable and quite friendly. I'd be happy to let her stay but the girls are having none of it. She's teeny.

I'm considering trapping her and taking her to get spayed.

charley said...

we have a new cat, adopted as a problem cat some one else didn't want. she's no problem.

but molly had to adjust to steve and tai, plus the evil kitties from next door...

and then sparky showed up. a spunky little 1 year old. i love sparky. he's not my cat, but he is my friend.

Plum Pudding said...


you have to keep her!the girls will grow to love her! please!

four legs good said...

I'm trying, but it's pretty much uphill. Ripley has chased her so many times that she's terrified of her.

Ripley can be quite the stinker. She does NOT want to share her forever home.

Sarah said...

Elsie appears to be in need of a good home.
If she is not yet fully mature, she is in more need.
Miss Ripley Chainsaw may need to learn to share.

I must say, having my grandkitten stay with us -- it's six weeks now -- has really shaken up the pecking order among the normally-eight-cat household.

My son's moved from one apartment to another, and is saving up for the pet deposit to take his "fuzzy monster" home in March.

---The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

my goodness! look at that face. if we lived closer to you i would so steal this beauty.

we are almost ready to adopt again. just a few more issues to be resolved.

you are a kind centaur. i hope you feel better soon.

how have the plushy girls adjusted
to your crutches? trip you yet?


four legs good said...

If my place were bigger I'd bring her in and segregate her to give them a chance to get used to her. Yes, she's young and sweet - I'd like to find her a good home.

I think Ripley is just too aggressive - she's twice Elsie's size. I'm really afraid she might hurt her.

Oh Susannah said...

Now Ripley, chill out and remember you were once in need of a home too. Lend Elsie a paw here. Centaur has enough love for three kitties.

4Legs, try putting Rescue Remedy in the drinking water every day to calm them all down. The bathroom makes a good starter room for making intros in a small apartment. Feed them treats on both sides of a door to create good associations with the scent of the other. Hold and pet Ripley to reassure her while Elsie is close by. has good info in their Articles section on cat intros and managing agression.

C'mon inside Elsie! We're rooting for you here!

Plum Pudding said...

great ideas, Susannah!

four legs good said...

I may try all that when my ankle heals up.