Sunday, March 28, 2010

And the plushy gurlz

...who have been enjoying the fine spring weather here.

Ah, and a note for you frequent visitors - remember Elsie, the little stray cow-kitty? apparently she is not a stray after all. She has a home, though they do let her roam about at all hours of the day and night.


Plum Pudding said...

Elsie has a home! PHEW!

that one of Ripley should find its way to a calendar, i say.

Boulder Dude said...

Yay, Elsie Kitteh has peoples!

four legs good said...

I thought she was too friendly to be a stray. I don't think they're very good kitty parents. She was out all night on some of the coldest nights of the year. She seems healthy enough though.

Sarah said...

4LG: is she altered?
If not, they're very bad kitteh parents.