Friday, March 05, 2010

Time 4 plushies

I haz a carrot.

Ripley does her best "Jaws" imitation.

I haz a carrot too!! I kilt it.



Sarah said...

oooh, pretty!

Silkey? Silver? Elsie?

Anonymous said...

Looks like teh alien carrots o'doom have been thoroughly vanquished.


Anonymous said...

carrots? do they have nip in them?

what is a half-pipe?


four legs good said...

it's part of their cat tree/lounger thing - a favorite napping spot

Maddie squeezes herself in there too, though she kind of hangs out

Culture of Tr√úth said...

they kilt dat carrot befor!

it comz bak

iz scari carrot

- said...

haf pipe?

kan dey snobrd?

four legs good said...

CoT, they are ZOMBIE carrots!!

teh scari

Maddie and Ripley keep me safe