Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday is a good day 4 kittehs

like every other day


Plum Pudding said...

EVERYDAY is a good day for Kittehs!

Boulder Dude said...

Oh, such a kawaii picture of Maddie in all her plushiness. ^.^

Sally said...

Every day is good for kitties!

Hope you're feeling better. Miss you over at the crack den.

four legs good said...

Sally, I can't take the crack den and all the negativity.

Life's too short.

grandefille said...

Is Ripley staring in disbelief at Maddie's beautiful grown-up-girl glamour shot? Never fear, little miss; you too will soon be all grown up like your beautiful big sister.

And then you shall rule the universe TOGETHER. Or at least the few remaining parts that you don't already rule.

xoxo from grandefille, admiring chief of staff for HarryCat

Caminante said...

That is Maddie on the bed?? Such an imperial look! Soo beautiful she is.