Friday, September 10, 2010

Lion Kitteh Alex!!

This is Alex, the latest addition to the household that owns long time reader Sarah H. He apparently found a nice dirt pile to roll in and ended up in the bath. I'd say conditions now are cloudy with a chance of pink skin peeking through.

Alex was so matted that he ended up (just like lion kitteh Maxx) with a lion cut. ADORBS!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, fourlegs --

Thank you for posting Alex's photo.
I shall have to send you photos of his entire cohort, I suspect.

But please, may we have updates on the plushy girls?

They are so beautiful!

...The Other Sarah ...

Poopyman said...

FLG lives!*

More posts, plz.

*(Although sightings have been made in comments on other blogs.)

StatsGrandma's Office Hours said...

I miss you so very much, 4LG, and I love coming over to see the kittehs. I hope you are well.