Monday, October 03, 2011

RIP beloved Zoey

Barry in Alaska writes today to say that his beloved pirate kitteh Zoey reached the end of her life today. She suffered a small stroke and has gone to the rainbow bridge. But never fear, Lion Kitteh Maxx has been summoned and will be along shortly to take Zoey on a journey to the stars on Comet Maxx.

RIP dear girl. May the afterlife be filled with snoozy blankies, alien carrots, delicious treats and long, lazy naps. You will be missed. I am certain that every day with you was a gift.


GreatGrey said...

Thanks 4LG.

She was a speshul pirate.

four legs good said...

yes she was!!

Caminante said...

Purrayers for Zoey and her people; may they take comfort in Maxx's accompaniment.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I shouldn't have visited here today. Now my eyes are all watery. RIP little Zoey.

Backyard Astronomer