Friday, April 20, 2012

REAL friday kittehs (bonus edition)

Why u flashee thing me? WHAI??? oh hey, duz dis rug maek me look fat?

Oh, halloooo, u r interrupting an extreeem cute moment.


Anonymous said...

Oh, just what I needed. A gurlz fix! K-thnx-bi!


MK said...

So glad to get to see them again!

Anonymous said...

Good to have them back. Does seem like they were tiny babies just a few weeks ago ... do they have birthdays coming up soon?

The Other Sarah

Iwonder said...

Yay!!! We haz kittehs uhgin!!! So glad r back!!

four legs good said...

Thanks to everyone!! yes, it does seem like they were little squirts just last week. Now Maddie is HUGE and Ripley's fur coat is out of control.

Their birthdays were in November (the 29th for Maddie) and christmas day for Ripley (a best guess).