Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Comet Maxx some more

This stunning image was captured by photographer Karim Sahai, over Houghton Bay, Wellington, NZ. Shot with a Canon 1DsII, using a 28mm lens at f5/6 for 25 seconds.

Gorgeous. Via Spaceweather.com.

Update: this is another photo that you really should click on and view the larger size image to get the full effect of the photograph (and to see Maxx more clearly).


karen said...

just absolutely amazing

flory said...

Hah! I knew it!

Maxx has a Peep minion with him, doesn't he?

four legs good said...

Flory, I'm pretty sure he's with Barbaro.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

These pictures (the one below with the fireworks, too) have an eerie other worldly quality to them.

four legs good said...

Sandy, yes they do. The thing all these photographs have in common is that they were all taken at dusk, what photographers call 'magic hour' when the light is most gorgeous.