Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday Maddie

So I took a bunch of blurry photos of Maddie last night because I was too tired and lazy to put the flash on my camera (and because it's really hard to handle the heavy camera and get her in the frame). So these aren't the greatest, but she's still cute as ever.

In this one she kept coming up and sniffing the lens and trying to grab the camera strap.

Here she looks deceptively sweet and calm. She's not. She's gotten a little wilder everyday. This morning she was tearing around like a maniac, growling to herself (I think she just figured out how to growl). I'm pretty sure she didn't sleep much last night, and she made sure I didn't either.

It's also her 12 week old birthday!!


flory said...

Happy birfday Maddie! Have some pate.

Her little face is starting to grow into those ears of hers.

watertiger said...

Oh, that second one --


karen said...

happy birthday little maniac!! you are trey cute

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

If you look at her for awhile in the second picture, you'll begin to detect a circle where her whiskers meet the ruff of hair on her chest. Very sweet!

Caminante said...

It's her eyes! Wide, wide open, ready for whatever.