Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday kitten plush

She's cute doing just about anything.

Little scamp.


xiangjikan said...

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Terry C said...

She is so cute!

cabearie said...

You know, I hope she doesn't grow out of that expression she generally has, you know, the "What? What did I do now?" one.

Plum Pudding said...

She's just perfect

i got some madeleines from the patisserie earlier, i will enjoy eating them and thinking of that sweet sweet girl of yours, 4LG!

flory said...

Pick the cutest pitcher.

I CAN'T!!!

charley said...

"the next one." stolen from henri cartier-bresson the decisive moment dude. i've heard his contacts were full of indecisive moments.

The problem isn't shutter speed, the problem is trying to get her to play in one spot so I can get some shots.

i meant the aperture. the shutter is not critical as the flash is making the exposure, but extended depth of field will help ensure more of the rapidly moving Maddie will stay in focus. however, an interesting effect is to ballance the flash with the ambient light get a slow shutter speed going (30th of a sec. slower even... then you can get the flash exp. + a ghosting blurred effect. but i've said too much. it really doesn't matter the pics are great.

but one thing i am curious about, do you do anything to make the photos so warm? besides the teh cute.