Thursday, May 24, 2007

A 2 cent rant

I feel I have to weigh in on the capitulation of the democratic leadership to Bush's demands to eternal funding of his war without any oversight or accountability.

It was the wrong thing to do. Wrong on just about every level. Why can't just one elected official in this country do the right thing without weighing the political consequences? Our leadership is wrong on this issue- the country hates this war, hates Bush, and hates the republican party and anyone else who has cheerled for this fiasco. But worse, they let worry about perception and positioning guide their decision making on an issue that involves the life and death for thousands of American troops and Iraqi citizens. That's just unconscionable.

I often complain that the Bush administration puts politics before the good of the nation in every decision they make. But are we any better? Politics is supposed to be a tool to allow you to accomplish the real work. To put the policies and programs into place that will hopefully improve this nation and the world. Politics isn't the spaghetti, it's the pot you cook it in, or maybe the wooden spoon you use to stir the sauce. In America, all we do is fight over the pot.

No wonder that morally, we're all fucking starving to death.

Shakespeare said, "First, kill all the lawyers." I say, "First, let's shoot all the political consultants into the sun. They are fucking wrong about everything, and they are hurting America."

Oh, and on a side note- I wish I could force our leadership to take a look at some photos like these:

AP/Karim Kadim

AP/Hadi Mizban

Bush said today, again, that it was better to fight them there than to fight them here. Well, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, Rep. Emmanuel.... take a good look at the consequences of pursuing that morally bankrupt strategy. We invited the worst of the worst into someone else's country. You have the means to stop it, and yet you will not.

That makes you just as culpable as little chickenhawk georgie. A pox on all of you.


Bones said...

In some villages in Oaxaca, when your year in office is up, you wait in the pokey while the elders come in and examine your books. If everything looks okay, you can go. Otherwise, you stay where you are.

A friend says that in the US, for every year you serve in office, you should automatically be sentenced to a year in jail, because we all know you did something bad even if we don't find out right away.

I like that.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Steny Hoyer.

There. I said it. The guy is such a part of the machine in Southern MD, which in large part means all of MD, BTW, that no one's seriously opposed him in eons. The Reps didn't even field a candidate last year.

Whoever challenges him in the primary is going to be fighting the entire MD Dem party. But they'd have my vote.

Poopyman said...

That was me in Southern MD, by the way.

zoe said...

thank you for your 2 cents.

I have been depressed all day.

Anonymous said...

That makes you just as culpable as little chickenhawk georgie. A pox on all of you.

And here's something to throw into your political calculations you brainless, spineless idiots.

This is now YOUR war, just as much as its the deciderers. And your republican opponents are going to spend the next 16 months reminding the voters of tha at every fucking opportunity.

Brilliant move people.


Polly said...

Yes. What Four Legs said.

Anonymous said...

We are represented by cowards, weasels, and wankers.


Anonymous said...

well done Flg , havn't heard it put that way. spot on. we need more centaurs and more birds to poop on twisted sister.
have a great weekend with your lovely furry creatures.