Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm back...

And everyone is just fine. As you can all see for yourselves.

Ripley grew while I was away. A bunch!

Maddie is bigger too, and her tail is more outrageous than ever.

Neither of them are mad at all, though Ripley is being pretty clingy. She won't let me out of her sight. They're both glad I'm home, even if I am tired and cranky. The kittens were in excellent hands while I was gone. My upstairs neighbor and his girlfriend are good friends, and cat lovers. They came in twice a day and played with them, gave them many scritches, and made sure their kitten tummies were full.

I had a miserable flight home. First my flight was delayed because of weather, and then we sat on the runway for a hour. When I got to Austin my car was dead. Again. Tried to jump it. Nothing. By this time it's 2:00 am. I had to take the shuttle back to the airport and get a cab home. Feh.

The dealer towed my car this morning and hopefully they'll fix it right this time. And yes, they paid for the tow and are reimbursing me for the cab ride.

New York pics later.


watertiger said...



War On War Off said...

Yay, glad you're back, 4legs! Besides the flight, I hope you had a nice trip.

zoe said...

YEAHHHHHHHH!!!! welcome home, and it is so good to see the kitters!!!sorry about the travel home.....I bet I know 2 little girls who would love to curl up with you, ehh???

four legs good said...

They do both have delightful eartufts.

echidne said...

My mom did a four-day trip and had a catsitter during that time. When she came back her cat decided to go back to sleeping in bed with her, something that he had stopped doing many years ago. But he also has decided that the catsitter belongs to the pack now. When she came for coffee, the cat went to her to ask for food.

four legs good said...

When she came back her cat decided to go back to sleeping in bed with her, something that he had stopped doing many years ago.

When I moved from NY to Texas, Nikki started doing that again, after a 4 year hiatus.

Polly said...

Ripley's ear tufts appear to be longer than Maddie's!

Maybe absence makes the ear tufts grow longer? As well as making Ms. Chainsaw's heart grow fonder.

Maddie being born a Princess seems to make her more secure than certain little guttersnipes we know.

[Since the latest fuss abt the other American born princess, wretched Paris Hilton, it's not quite as fun mentioning Maddie's genuine Princess status.]

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Safe and sound, home at last!

Welcome home 4Legs. We've missed you and the critters something fierce!

Anonymous said...

That sounds a perfectly miserable ending to your trip. But you had the kiddenz to come home to.

Glad you're back. Glad the gurlz is ok.


four legs good said...

Miserable is right.

ellroon said...

May the purrs rise up to greet you and the peeps get tossed about for your pleasure!

Glad you are safely home.

Polly said...

Don't know that Ripley is " just fine."

I'd say she is seriously pouting. Perhaps waiting til you are sleeping to jump on your haid in retribution.

four legs good said...

Nope, not pouting at all.

Just a little clingy.