Sunday, June 24, 2007

Overnight Music

Hey, if Atrios can put videos up, so can I.

I know I'm not young or hip, so fucking sue me. I heard this on the radio on my way to work last week and I've been thinking about it ever since. I wasn't even that big of an Emerson Lake & Palmer fan, but this song is just beautiful.

And what band today is writing anything even remotely as beautiful and simply produced?

Anyway, you kids get off my fucking lawn!!


Anonymous said...



The Kids

Polly said...

Whoever said we have to be young and hip to enjoy late-night music?

Whoever said that ain't the boss of us.

My cats were so attracted to that sound that they came and got into bed (near the computer)! Usually they'd be wanting to go outside one more time before bed.

So we all enjoyed it.

Eli said...

Touch and go, friend or foe, caught without a warning like a UFO...

Anonymous said...

It works for early morning music blogging as well.
Soon the damn lawn service kids will be here to send my cat under the dining room table with their monster machines of doom.
Almost as scary as an alien carrot.


geor3ge said...

My cats were so attracted to that sound that they came and got into bed (near the computer)!

Before we got our psycho-puppy, Odin would curl up under the piano bench whenever I practiced.

four legs good said...

Maddie came and listened when I first played it. Or maybe she was just looking at the pretty pictures.

moi said...

i've always loved this song

Poopyman said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Memories.

I learned the guitar part back when it first came out, back when my voice was pretty close to Greg Lake's. I still love this song, even though I haven't picked up a guitar in 15 years, and my voice is, for all intents, shot.

Thanks for the blast from the past.

four legs good said...

The guitar is really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great choice, Talented Ms 4Legs. It's a beautiful world we have to humbly try to protect against
GWBush and DGenghisCheney.

And anyway, kids today don't know what real music is. Just think of the relevant and meaning-laden images you could splice together over "My Baby Does the Hanky-Panky".

Li'l Innocent