Thursday, June 28, 2007

Red hot kittenz!!

I need to stay away from Maine Coon kittenz. They are just tooo irresistable.

H/T to Plum P.


Polly said...

You've got TWO irresistable ones already.

Ms. R. Chainsaw is growing as fast as she can, to come up to the Maine Coon standard of irresistableness. Give her a chance!

Poor little guttersnipe. Adopted by a Mythic creature [difficult role model.] Trying to measure up to a high bred Princess [irresistable from birth.]

Ripley might feel downtrodden if she knew her adopter was yearning after fancier kittenz.


four legs good said...

Nahh, I adore my little trash can kitty.

She's just cute as a bug, and she follows me everywhere.

I don't have room for another kitten. I doubt my nerves could take it either.

Plum Pudding said...


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Maine coon cats came in more than one color. Which is bad, since I had one. mrstrailerco

Anonymous said...


Maddie's cousins?


CatsMeow said...

OMG, the cuteness is overwhelming...stop it, I can't breathe.