Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Notice the flying toesies- oh noes!!

Actually they really do like each other. Just a bit of kitten rambunctiousness.

Every morning I wake up to the two of them, sound asleep together on the foot of my bed. I think Madeleine enjoys having Ripley around as much as I do. She'd be so lonely and bored without her little buddy.


Poopyman said...

Kitty buddies are the best! All cats need kitty-company. Or so say my kiddens.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Just what I needed to see after reading some of the depressing 4th of July blog posts about Libby!

These girlz are so funny and sweet. Happy medicine that bats away depression and hopelessness.

Polly said...

Cat wrassling is the reason to have two kiddenz.

The exercise keeps them happy, works off the calories from cheeseburgers, and entertains kittenslaves.

Anonymous said...

Notice the flying toesies, and notice how Miss Chainsaw closes her eyes in bliss while chomping down on Sister's right ear.
That lil gurl really knows how to enjoy a good wrassle. I do admire her.

Silkey C. Ross