Monday, November 19, 2007

Equal time 4 Ripleeee

Look! no ruff!! (high res photo)

Ripley sez she wuz a cute behbeh kitteh 2.

Kai, thx bai


War On War Off said...

That reminds other cat Karmina now plays with her old toys (which she hasn't touched in years) because she sees Maxxine playing with them. I swear Miss Mina is saying, "I'm a kitteh TOO, I'm a KITTEH TOO!!!"

four legs good said...

Of course she is.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those toes! Oh, that nose!
(surfeit of eepiness)

Silver Ross said...

Sweetest Ms. Ripley Chainsaw, of course U wuz a cute behbeh kitteh!

What's more, U'll always be the absolutely cutest behbeh Kitteh in mai heart.

Cuz ur meow is music to mai ears,
Ur white toesies show the path to happiness.
Ur purr is balm to mai soul,
The light of ur eyes brightens mai heart.

Silkey, enduring fan

zoe said...

Oh. That. Pink. Nose.