Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh, U want kittehs do U?

Iz mah carrot and I'z killing it.

Nom, nom, nom, nom.....

Whut? I wuz hungry. 


Sandy-LA 90034 said...


4Legs, you capture their goofy expressions so perfectly, then put a terrific caption to it!

For any inquiring minds, my second cataract surgery was yesterday and lo! and behold! today I can see to read a book, see the computer and see in the distance.

The doctor said this technology didn't exist two years ago. I am delighted with the results - I've worn glasses since the 1st grade - couldn't see in the distance, couldn't see to read, couldn't see the computer. Now I can do the whole enchilada! It's amazing to wake up and be able to SEE. Apparently she was able to correct for whatever astigmatism I had (tightening something) then implant a lens that corrects for the distance and reading. Just amazing!

I'm so glad it's done! Your pictures of the gurlz and captions have kept me going (as well as a few other kitty blogs) during a stressful time. Thank you for continuing to post, even in the midst of a heavy schedule!

four legs good said...

Sandy, I am so glad to hear that. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

A four course meal?
Did the little piglet leave anything for Ripley?

Congrats sandy!

Polly said...

What a wonder that is, Sandy. From one day to the next to gain such a great improvement in your vision!

WOW! And no glasses after wearing them for so long, double Wow!

You are brave. I'd be so freaked abt surgery on my eyes that I'd want to stay stoned for many days, before and after. I'd not be able to write a coherent comment, as you did.

zoe said...

What wondrously beautiful pictures of the girlies for you now to see, Sandy!!! So glad you are on the mend!

Silver Ross said...

Mlle. Madeleine, plushy-furred One,

You need those cat crunchies, and the pate, to nourish that magnificent coat of yours. Not to mention growing the lovely bones, sharp fangs and fearsome claws that distinguish you from ordinary cats.

Don't let anyone tease you about eating your dinner like a good gurl.

Please tell your kittnslave the pic of you having dinner shows your fine fur-patterns excellently.

Silver, admiring connoisseur of Kittehs

Anonymous said...

What? No thxgvng kittehs?



Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Happy Thnksgiving* to Four Legs Good and Mlle. Madeleine and Ms. Ripley Chainsaw!

May you have lots of tender turkey, and delicious frais mousie hor d'ouvres.

We are grateful for our good kittenslaves and our chance to admire the gorgeous Internet Stars of the Centaur household.

Silkey and Silver

*Also known as "Undocumented Immigrants Day." Credit to Sam Seder.

Anonymous said...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The seven cats at Casa Black Sheep had turkey pate for lunch, and spent the afternoon comfortably snoozed.

They wish peace and blessings on all their feline relatives, and the associated kittenslaves, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Iz no new kittehs?

Iz time for riots.


Polly said...

Iz teh Internets brok in Austin?

Iz teh Centaur household flooded by teh broke plumbing?

Iz owr Gurlz safe an dry?

zoe said...

yeah...where are all the girls? turkey torpor? me misses them!!! pictures! now!!!

four legs good said...

I iz lazy.


Barry from Alaska said...

So much fuds in the nom, nom, nom..

Hidey wants to visit.