Sunday, February 10, 2008


Miss Ripley Chainsaw Massacre wants to be a movie star 2. She killz her nu carrot 2 keep U safe.

I hope U are preciatif


Anonymous said...

I iz not shur mah delicate constitushun wuz quite ready for teh torture of teh Carrot.

U needz a warning on dis video.....


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

And there she goes, carrying the carrot to its final resting place.

It looks like she's trying to eat it. Are there warnings on alien carrots being bad for the digestion of plushy kitties?

And you're right that she's an absolute explosion of plushy goodness all of a sudden lately! She cracks me up.

Thanks Centaur - I for one, am most appreciative of your efforts. Hope to see some of Ms. Madeleine soon, too.

four legs good said...

Madeleine is below, U silly.

She's not trying to eat it, Ripley is trying to pluck it's feathers off. To keep it from flying up and eating mah brains while I sleeps.

Anonymous said...

I feel safer already! We have super-hero Ripley on our side.
Alien Carrots beware!


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Oh Happy Sunday! Joy, Joy, Joyfulness of Plushitude!!1

To see my beloved Sweetfoots in action, saving the world from vicious alien carrots, is so delightful. Ms. Ripley Darling is among the superheroes of legend!

Thank U from the bottom of mai furry little heart, Four Legs Good, sir or ma'am. Gentleman kittehs all over the 'Net are preciatif.

Silkey, ecstatic fan