Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday end of the republic kittehs

I pretends I jumps on Harry's haid and bite it off!

Den tuna rains from teh sky as mah reward!!

I iz scary haidless cat!!

Oh, sry, I pretends dis mousie is Harry and I bites him vry hard. kai thx bai


Ramona Quimby said...

Haidless kitteh is teh scary. So are Harry and Jay Rocky. Dodd gud.

Hecate said...

Bite him hard, sweetie! Bite him hard!

Polly said...

Harry? Who is Maddie and Ripley biting mad at now?

End of the Republic? I sleep in one day and the Republic is going to hell, again?

War On War Off said...

Tuna from heaven!

Lizzy said...

You bite, gurlz!

grandefille said...

Bite them, Maddie-Wan Kenobi! You're our only hope!


gran said...

Whoops. And Ripley Skywalker, of course!


four legs good said...

Polly, Harry Reid.

I'm annoyed about the FISA thing.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Eeekkk! Ack! What happened to adorable Ms. Ripley?

Did she lose her head over a soccer game? I knew she is a serious athlete, but this is terrible. Call an ambulance, call a vet, DO SOMETHING to Save this lovely little gurl!
Help! Help! Help!!

Silkey , frantic fan

Anonymous said...

"I'm so scary that I'm headless, now gimme some candy!!"

Silkey Cat Ross said...

How embarrassing. I was climbing our draperies in distress over Ms. Ripley's accident, prepared to throw myself off our balcony to end the pain of loosing her.

Luck for me, my human caught me, saying "Scroll Down, you idiot!" [I get no respect arnd here.]

U were just teasing me, U naughty, pretty Kitteh Lady. What a relief, Sweetfoots, cause U know I cannot live without U!

Silkey, grateful fan

Anonymous said...

I am mesmerized
by golden eyes
captivated by pink toes
enthralled with carnation nose
and all that lovely silver fluff
the plushy ones puff

and still I miss the lovely
Lion Kitty Maxx.

The Other Sarah

four legs good said...

and still I miss the lovely
Lion Kitty Maxx.

So do I.

Each and every day.

Plum Pudding said...

Cats should be able to vote. You'd get better democrats. dammit!

candymarl said...

Goodbye Republic. However, all is not lost. We still have our lovely kitties!