Sunday, March 16, 2008


That Ripley, smiting trollz again.

Good kitteh!!


Anonymous said...

kewt gurl.


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Thank U, beautiful Ripley gurl, for protecting us all from the filthy trolls.

Do be careful, Sweetfoots. If U get troll ichor on ur paws or fur, don't wash it off with ur tongue!

It is poisonous, nasty stuff. Do not get it in ur mouth. Get Four Legs to wash the ichor away with hydrogen peroxide.

Remember: Troll smiting, not troll biting!

Silkey, wars against trolls

Anonymous said...

Don't let her bite them.

They're toxic.

Terry C. Hussein

Willendorf Venus said...

I am smitten. Ouch.

TheOtherWA said...

Smite 'em good, Ripley! Make them regret ever showing up on the toobz.

Anonymous said...

Haz u considered negotiating a deal for tr00l smiting at teh crack den?
He could sure use some halp....


Polly said...

Flory has a good idea there. Atrios so often has a nasty troll infestation.

But would Four Legs want to expose little Ripley to the vulgar language and hateful ideology that those trolls wallow in?