Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh, hai!

U can't be mad at me... cuz I luvs U!!

I iz still a fluffee little angel. (snort)

Okay, Maddie iz out of the, ahem, doghouse. Everyone can scritch her ears nao.

Photos R high resolution (I spoilz U), click for all teh scritchable kitteh goodness.


War On War Off said...

*scitch* *scritch* *scritch*

Gots to go home nao and do some major scritching on teh girlz...we can haz big boom boom storms and they wuz teh scareee!

Plum Pudding said...

i can hear them purr all the way here!

zoe said...


Silver Ross said...

Ah, I luv you too, adorable Mlle.

Lucky for us the Centaur doesn't know abt our secret scritches program, isn't it? So you need never be deprived!

Be careful who you confide in, Darling Gurl. Your Uncle Arthur knows The Plan. I think we can trust him, but don't tell anyone else.

Just because someone has four legs, fur and a tail doesn't mean you can trust them. If we are to succeed and save the world we must be discrete!

Silver, co-conspirator

CoT said...


Anonymous said...

My two cats and my dog all went crazy every spring. Every spring. All of them were neutered. Nothing here was different; same food, same people, same everything. But it was spring. They were restless, they were demanding, they wanted out-in-out-food-out-in-food-snacks-out... and repeat. Kitty paws patted my face. Kitty noses sniffed my eyelashes. 18lb of kitty sat on my chest. Kitty teeth grabbed my hair and pulled. 65lb of fluffy dog stood over me and panted.

It'll pass... eventually... until next spring.

-- Margaret

Anonymous said...

Duz they know I just scritched their high resolution ears?


Bones said...

Oh, I spilt tea on myself laughing! That is not a fluffee little angel face in that photo of Ripley! Teh funny. (and thank you for hi res!)

grandefille said...

"Teh Eeeepy. We haz it."

Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty plushy gurlz!

We shall always scritch you, even from far far away. Kiss your centaur kindly, please, for so generously sharing your beautiful plushy eeepiness with all of us.

War On War Off said...

Maxxine finally slept well last night as the thunder bumpers apparently kept her from napping during the afternoon. ;)