Thursday, March 27, 2008


Why U haz luggage out? iz almost weekend and time to playz fetch.

U leeving us? oh noes.

Wut U sayz?

I haz a sad.


TheOtherWA said...

The gurlz will miss you while you're gone, but I bet they have the coolest baby, I mean kitteh sitter evah! Right?


Plum Pudding said...

are you leaving them alone for 3 days? poor babies!

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Oh, Ripley and Maddie, your adoring fans will come and keep you company with comments from time to time so you won't be lonely while the Centaur is out playing.

Hope we have a reliable human coming in to take care of our girlz.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Can Silver an Me come take care of U lovely ladies?

We will feed U fresh minced mouse and shrimp, if U like. We will groom U from ur delicate pink nosies, to ur toesies, to the tips of ur Plushy tails!

We will snuggle U, and lick away ur tears if U miss ur Centaur. Please, please, please!

Silkey and Silver, comforting kitteh fellas

zoe said...

Oh NOES!!!! Dont goes!!! We miss you already!!!!

Simon said...

Pssst! Silkey!

Uhm.... have U trained any male hoomans in lady care-taking? We want to get one for R Mom for Mudders Day. Hasta be kinda a ripe one tho'--U know with faded fur on hiz head and smartz in it.


War On War Off said...

IIRC, fourlegs has some nice upstair neighbors who take usually care of teh girlz when she's away.

emma said...

I'd keep an eye out for Arthur and his worm-hole. When the centaur's away, the catz will play.... or something.

Caminante said...

Oh kittehs I iz sad fur U... don't get 2 lonesome, OK? Spcially Ripley who looks like she's crying already

zoe said...

Arthur: Please beware of the wormwhole and the Ross boys. They may try to "worm" their way in while the centaur is gone. We have photo I.D.'s on the perps, so please watch out for the girls.....

Barry from Alaska said...

Its either gonna be

"You biatch" or

"Oh, did you leave?"

when ya get back.

Or lots of finger and toe chewing, saying they are happy you are back.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen Katz!

I've got my eye on U.

/Arthur J. GWPDA

grandefille said...

We sendz u kitteh kisses and hugz until your centaur returns, gurlz! And then you'll have many many more from your centaur again! Hug and play with each other until then, and soon you'll see your centaur walking in the door!

We lovez u!

HarryCat (and his momperson)