Friday, April 11, 2008

Late night kittehs

The gurlz LURVE caturday.


Anonymous said...

We loves caturday too.....


Silver Ross said...

On some Caturdays our group of Thoughtful Felines meet to praise Ceiling Cat, and ask Her further protection for us and selected kittenslaves.

After the service we share a bit of sanctified 'nip, and plot the course of our revolution.

We lurve Caturdays too.

Silver, rebel leader

Anonymous said...

Caturday! Sad that I have to work ... (and I earnestly believe that the gurlz' centaur keeps a close eye on all ribbonlike playtoys, lest they become the dreaded intestinal Linear Foreign Object)

( I can't quit being a vet, even for the eepitude of playing with ribbons.)

ixnay aka spayvet

Silkey Cat Ross said...

I lurve Caturday too, cause I love every day that my darling Ms. Ripley is happily admired by her Internet fans.

It's going to be 85º here, time for basking in the sun and watching our human plant petunias. This will make her so happy that we'll get extra pets and huggles.

Life is good when the sun shines.

Silkey, sun worshipper

zoe said...

The beautiful faces! It is Saturday beautiful faces!

four legs good said...

Spayvet, yes I do keep an eye on ribbons. They never try to eat them, but they do enjoy running about the place dragging it behind them, with their sister chasing them.

They take turns at that game.

Anonymous said...

First night home for Baby Fenway!



Caminante said...

The first photo is worthy of being a Lesley Ivory painting, if you know her work which is beautiful.

You do supervise our beloved friends with ribbons? Hope so.

Praise to Ceiling Cat!!!

Silkey Cat Ross said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 86º !!!!!!!

Bask, Bask, Bask!

Ripley Sweetfoot, I cannot write to you right now.

The Basking has Me under its spell …

Silkey, sun lover

sekmet said...

My cat loves to play with long strips of shredded paper after I have been shredding my money market financial statements. That's about the only worthwhile use for them.