Friday, April 11, 2008

Someone got a puppy....

Meet baby Fenway, who has gone to live with Mr. & Mrs. Tbogg. Thursday Night Basset Blogging: The Next Generation

Congrats! he's adorable. Just look at those earsies! U could hide a couple of behbeh kittehs under those.

h/t to GWPDA


zoe said...

awwwww! look at that litle scrunchy belly! bery bery cute

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

We find this enthusiasm for behbeh dogs unnerving.

Sure, they're cute when they're little. But they can grow up to disrespect Cats! Chase us, even!

Tho these short-legged types could never catch up to us. So Fenway is acceptable … kind of.

Silkey and Silver, protectors of felines

Anonymous said...

Let's talk FEET, shall we? Biggest puppy FEET Evah!