Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I noes....

...U only comes here for teh kittehs.

"Yes, I iz in de baftub...nao will U thro me mah mousie? plze?"

"Wut? I'z goes to nom, kai?"


Ramona Quimby said...

Tails 'o' DOOOOOM! Gives dem anyting tehy wants. So pretteh!

Plum Pudding said...

the bathtub is a cool place to hang out when it's a zillion degrees outside, no?

Silkey Ross said...

Sweetfoots, Ms. Ripley Sweetfoots … I, Silkey Cat ur adoring conquest, will be happy to throw U a mousie.

Can I get in the tub with U? We could roll around that cool white enamel and play mousie together!

Call me when ur Centaur goes to werk, I'll show U a good time, sexy Kitteh Lady!

Silkey, cool cat fan

Oh Susannah said...

Great bathtub kitteh game --soccer! Close drain, toss ping pong ball in tub and watch kittehs go crazy. If you can find wiffle-ball kind of ping pong balls, they are even better as the gurlz can hook their claws in and send those balls flying. Just remember to take the ball out of the tub afterwards as kittehs are very fond of 3 am soccer games.

Plum Pudding said...

it's time for Silkey and Ripley to get a room!

Anonymous said...

Dear Riplee and Maddie:

Yus. We visits for teh plush.


Auntie flory.

zoe said...


cool it...

too suggestive for that beautiful little girl....

you are really a rascal

HarryCat (and his mom) said...

Dear Ms. Plushy Gurlzes,

We loves you dearly, even though we has never mets you, which is kind of strange, but it never hurts to have more love in the world, does it?

You makes us smile so hard our faces hurt. We are so glad you have each other and your loving Centaur, and we are so grateful to your Centaur for sending your pictures to all of us to admire and smile about.

May you always have plenty of mousies, noms and pettins. And cool tubbies and soft places to lounge in and on.

Respectful hugs and smooches from Tennessee!

Love from your faraway friends,

and his mom

Silkey Ross said...

Plum Pudding
U are wise and discerning, a superior type human.

Beautiful gurlz lurv rascals. Rascals are more Fun!

U need to talk to more grown-ups. Cats, grown-up CATS. I can respect every hair on Ripley's little haid while luvin' her up and curling her toes.

Silkey, experienced kitteh fella

War On War Off said...

Just got back from the Bark & Purr where I purchased a brand new catnip mousie, feathers on stix, and a couple of other toyz for Miss's her birfday, or thereabouts!

HarryCat's mom said...

Mr. Silkey,

With all due respect, sir, HarryCat and the Plushy Gurlz have never been formally introduced. There are *some* proprieties that must be upheld, even on the Internets. What y'all do is y'all's bidness, but Harry is an old-fashioned sort of gentleman. He chats up the ladies next door who come to visit and offers them mousies, noms and pettins, especially at holidays, because that's just the sort of fella he is, but he would never presume intimacies with ladies he doesn't know well.

(He's trying to stop me from typing this right now. I believe he's embarrassed.)

We wish all of you all the best, and the Plushies and their Centaur the best of all!

HarryCat's mum
and HarryCat, mortified

(P.S. -- The happiest of birthdays to Miss Maxxine!)

four legs good said...

Any Maxxine birfday pics??

War On War Off said...

Any Maxxine birfday pics??

Coming right up!