Thursday, June 26, 2008

Somebody can haz BIRFDAY!!!

I can haz birfday?

Birfday hat??? WANT!!

I can haz many new toyz.

Oh noes! Hat, U DOING IT WRONG!!

Looks like Maxxine had a delightful birthday.


TheOtherWA said...

Happy Birfday, Maxxine! Be careful, dat birfday hat looks like it's trying to be a sorting hat.

Wish for Gryffindor if dat hat starts talking to you!

Plum Pudding said...

Bonne FĂȘte Maxxine!!!!!

Silkey Ross said...

Oh Susannah

Lady, I've always been frisky, as well as gay and charming. I'm not interested in British tit pix, that was just an example. The Human obsession with lady parts mystifies us Cats.

Respectfully, Silkey

Silver and Silkey Ross said...

Happy Birthday to darling little Maxxine from the Ross boys!

U have grown up to be a gorgeous gurl, and have ur kittenslave wrapped around ur little paw. This is as it should be, U clever thang!

Silver and Silkey

War On War Off said...

Looks like Maxxine had a delightful birthday.

She certainly did, and thanks again for posting her pictures, fourlegs. She's still such a silly, sweet, kitteh in so many ways! At least NAU she noes her clawz iz teh OWIE OWIE OWIE, and tries really hard not to hurt her kittehslave.

Polly said...

Wasn't Maxxine's b'day Bastille Day?

Does she get another party July 14th?

Anybody that pretty deserves lots of parties.

War On War Off said...

Wasn't Maxxine's b'day Bastille Day?

My bad, polly. I remembered later it should be a bit earlier. The middle of last July was about when my father found her. The vet at the time said she was 4-5 weeks old, which would roughly put her birth around now-ish. I think. ;)

Bones said...

Then sweet Maxxine can has an Adoption Day party too!