Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greetings from Netroots Nation

I haz nothing to report yet.

So haz you some old kitteh pictures.

We are in the hall, waiting for Howard Dean. More later.


Alex Steed [of Make Something Happen] said...

I would prefer to look at pictures of kittens over waiting any damn longer for Howard sans food. Tons of foodless, empty stomached liberals might be a bad call for Austin.

Oh Susannah said...

We the Plushy Fans are just glad to have more pictures of the gurlz to make our hearts happy.

Hope you get dinner soon.

TheOtherWA said...

Kitteh Klassics. Kool!

There's lots of good food in Austin, and I hope you get some soon.

Wish I was there...

Barry from Alaska said...

Like Austin has never, ever, ever seen a flood of DFHs before.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Adorable Maddie and Ripley Sweetfoots, we've got a dedicated open line on the KittehNet.

As soon as U know who pulls out of the parking lot Friday am. send the secret code.

We've got a cageful of mousies for U! Brisk and frisky! And our hearts full of amorous desire! Plus a new poem praising U both!

Thank Ceiling Cat for the Netroots Nation!

Silkey and Silver, hearts afire

War On War Off said...

Wes Clark and Howard Dean rocked!

zoe said...

old kitteh pics better than no kitteh pics any old day. hope your centaur is having a glorious time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ross Boys,

I hope those mice are the only 'brisk and frisky' critters that might be coming through that wormhole or centaur hoofs might be chasing you back through it!

Oh Susannah
Distant Protector of Young Plushy Grlz

four legs good said...

Wes Clark and Howard Dean rocked!

Yes they did.

Damn. Dirty fucking hippies EVERYWHERES!!