Friday, July 18, 2008

New Ripley

She luvs her half pipe.

Siegelman is talking about how Rove is a fuckhaid.



Silkey Ross said...

Wheeee!! We hope U R having fun with ur convention friends, Four Legs, Ma'am.

WE certainly are!!1 We R in ur apartment, drinking ur Dr. Pepper!!

Maddie an Silver are dancing the tango … Maddie is sooo graceful.

Silkey, ecstatic lover

Culture of Truth said...


Anonymous said...

I hopez teh gurlzz izn't hearing about Rove.
They iz too young for such obscenities......


Silkey Ross said...

Auntie Flory, the gurlz R safe from news of evildoers like Rove.

Silver an ME filled their shell-pink ears with praise of their virtues, and nuzzles of delight! No time for nasties like the Rove human.

We barely got away before the Centaur came home, we had to leap for the wormhole when her car pulled up!

What a Heavenly Day! All thanks to Ceiling Cat.

Silkey, satisfied lover