Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Reuters/Hans Deryk

Reuters/Desmond Boylan

....to American gymnast Shawn Johnson for her gold medal in the balance beam event final. Yeah, okay, it's a spoiler. You noes UR gonna watch anyway.


Polly said...

Long ago, when the Centaur used to post regularly, we were told that on moving day ... Maddie refused to be stuffed into her now too small sherpa bag.

Query: When did Maddie bag her Sherpa?

four legs good said...

U so funneee.

Sherpa is a brand of cat carrier. Maddie needs an XXXXL size nao.

Anonymous said...


I not halp u with roketz no moar.

Ur Sister

Silkey Ross said...

Ripley Sweetfoots, iz that U yelling at ur sis?

Call ME on the KittehNet. Let ME halp sooth ur ruffled feelings, U know U'd like that.

Watch the Olympics with the Centaur this evening, the human gurlz are real cute leaping an flying thru the air. The ones that best imitate us graceful felines get medals.

None of the human gurlz can hold a candle to U, Sweetness of felinity! Call ME!

Silkey, he who knows

four legs good said...



Liek iz not on all teh news websites.

zoe said...

I thought that was Ripley on the balance beam. Silly me.

four legs good said...

Ripley can jump higher than that. :-)

Katie Schwartz said...

Kid's amazing, isn't she?!