Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rubbable tummeeee

I haz it.

Bow bee4 da terrible power of da tummeee.


Ramona Quimby said...

Happy to see gorgeous, floofy, snorgalicious, sweet Ripley tummee!
Methinks teh Ross boyz will go wild.

Anonymous said...

Tummies and whiskers!
U iz forgiven.
I halp u with roketz.

Ur sister

Plum Pudding said...

your fingers could get lost in that furry tummy!

Culture of Tr√úth said...

must bury mah face in that fur!!

TheOtherWA said...

I is bowing, I is bowing! Lovely tummy, Ripley.

Silkey Ross said...

Plum Pudding

More than fingers can get lost in the depth of deliciousness known to the uninitiated as Ripley's tummy!

To the initiate, one's eyes, nose, tongue and soul can sink into that perfection of Plushy pulchritude.

I bow. I kowtow. I abase myself. I prostrate my furry being before this representation of the Goddess.

Silkey, grateful fan

Bones said...

Little Miss Rumplefur looks like she's settling in well.

four legs good said...

that she is

zoe said...

Well, Silkey did not disappoint. And neither did the belly/whisker pictures! You know, the whiskers are like their own version of lightning!

virgotex said...

These are almost ... risque

grandefille said...

"Come and pet mah tummeh," said Miss Ripley to her slaves,
"You know you want to pet it, for its floofiness you crave."

Such lovely photos. Thank you, Centaur, for continuing to share your lovely gurlz with us.